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sorry to be like this dudes but it has recently come to my attention that having my life splayed out for the world to see in all it's glorious goriness is maybe not the wisest choice. i have always been a brutally open book. i think it's rad. smart? probably not. on the brite side, i am not deleting this journal, just making it "friends only." i am pretty liberal about meeting new people so just say "hi" in the comments and we can keep in touch. stalkers are totally welcome. if you are not an lj user, i think you may have to sign up to become a friend, but it oughtn't be that difficult.

some potentially heavy stuff to follow. don't miss out!

um, psyche? for now, most of the past is still locked but i am trying to keep my future open to public ridicule. read on!


I miss my Dad

I think I am maybe one of the only people who actually enjoys Fresno in the summertime. I must've inherited that from my Dad. While I was there last weekend, I left him under this walnut tree.

Where I left my Dad

Boring bullets

Some things:

+ In the country again. Listening to Conway Twitty. Could somebody please make a Kanye Twitty mash-up already?

+ Two more good runs. One around Battle Ground Lake and another (highly recommended) three mile loop at Lewisville Park. I crack myself up.

+ Heckabummed I didn't have my camera on me as I passed a full-on Fantasy Battle replete with swords and shields and staffs and capes and fur and man, I could've been a youtube hero!

+ Hung out with one of my favorite artists/old-timey central valley friends on Friday. I had no idea he was responsible for my favorite anti-drug PSA ever. I also had no idea there were so many not so hilarious stoner spoofs of said spot.

+ I'm not sure why, but I feel like I need some dub in my life. Like real heavy, mind-altering dub. Surely someone can't point me in the right direction. Lee Perry? Is that the way to go? Which album? Help a brah.

+ I've been reluctant to say anything because weeks after finding out I am still in shock, but I guess PSOI is opening for Wire in Calgary in a couple of weeks. This is BY FAR the most exciting supporting slot of my musical career. And to top it off, I think we may be trying to pull off some Broken School of Social Industry the following night. Should be pretty stupid.

+ Speaking of stupid: Weather.

The Ballad of Battle Ground

Approaching the tail-end of a luxurious weekend dogsitting in Battle Ground. I saunified myself (twice!), went on a couple of beautiful country runs, and was joined by Woot & his for a fantastic Korean BBQ feast under the pines this evening. I also got all caught up with LOST. Kind of don't ever want to leave but I've a job to get to in the morn.

Speaking of, the update on that is: I love it. In a way I kind of wasn't expecting. It is so nice to be surrounded by folks whose creativity and execution truly blow me away. That hasn't been the case in a long time. Furthermore, I've found that often times I'll catch myself thinking, "This doesn't feel like work" and then I realize that not many others can do what I am doing. It makes me feel worthful. And for the first time in a long while I see the potential in things, both on the work side and on the personal side. Stuff is still kind of crazy on the personal side but it is nice to have ten hours a day in which to think about something else.
I've been apartment hunting for my mom who decided she wants to move to Portland. Unfortunately, she now has pneumonia so we'll see how that one plays out. One thing after another, I tell you. But yeah, upswing. Fingers crossed that this momentum sticks. Summer hasn't even landed yet and I am already dreading the Winter. Do any of you other pdxers get that? So weird!

The History of Slowness

The last couple of weeks I have been a commercial for Nike. The kind that plays over and over again. I am getting sick of my own voice but I kind of can't help it. I am leaving the spiel here, but with a purpose this time.

Never in a gazillion years could I ever find myself supporting Nike. I'm not against them as a corporation, per se, it's just not my thing. Like Starbucks maybe. Anyway, I finally crumbled and invested like $300 in this wacky Nikeplus idea (and to be fair, half of that actually went to Apple). I had attempted running a few times in the past. Generally it would only last a couple of runs before I got bored or felt like I wasn't ever going to make any progress. I am a lousy runner. Always last place in school, etc. My sorry lungs haven't helped much either. Anyway, there was something about this magical chip that seemed like it would help me over some of those hurdles and so far, it totally has.

Firstly, why I ever ran without music is just plain baffling. Listening to my brain tell me how much I suck and how much I hate running definitely didn't help. Jamming out to Faster, Stronger, Radder, Harder (or whatever it is called) is definitely the way to go.

For those not in the know, Nikeplus is basically a glorified stepometer - a chip in your shoe that speaks wirelessly to your ipod which in turn speaks to you ("You've run half a mile"). It's especially nice to know exactly how far you've gone or how much further you have to go to reach your goal. It's also rad to know that I did slightly better today than I did yesterday, even if there is no weight loss or runner's high (still waiting for that one). I'm not much into speed or calories burned yet, but apparently it keeps track of that, too. And then when you plug it into your computer it downloads all of your runs onto your personal Nikeplus profile so that you can compare your workouts, etc. I'm only a few runs in, almost twenty miles total, but for the first time last week I ran a mile without walking. This week I ran two. This is UNHEARD of. Lance Armstrong must have sensed this as he butted in and congratulated me on my best workout yet. And oddly, I am pretty fired up to get out there and run some more. In fact, Barnacle and I going for a run in Forest Park this afternoon. Way more awesome than spending Memorial Day drinking heavy microbrews down at the pub. No offense if that is what you are doing, by the way. (You deserve it!)

The website is a little difficult to navigate, but if by chance you are a member, I think it is possible for us to be friends and challenge each other to runs and stuff like that. You can find me here.

Most importantly, if any of you are regulars at this sort of thing, or even if you are not, I am in need of some serious inspiration-inducing tunes. Please pipe up and let me know what gets you moving, and if you are so inclined, a mix my way would be so so fine. I went to buy the latest M.I.A. yesterday but the record store was sold out. This may have been a good thing as I ended up with the admittedly hipper Dat Politics disc, but I am not ashamed to say I need more M.I.A. in my life. Same goes for LCD Soundsystem and bands of similar ilk that I've always appreciated but never really had a place for.

Lastly, I don't quite grasp the concept of running with somebody quite yet, but I am also not against the idea if anybody else is on this same trip. Or, if by chance I've inspired you to get all chipped up, I am happy to lend support/high-fives/etc. Time will tell exactly how awesome this little invention is, but if it can get someone like me all riled up about something as boring as fitness, I bet it'd work for just about anyone.

Multiple last hurrahs

The new 9 to whenever starts tomorrow. As a loose end that needed tying tied itself, I found myself with a few extra days that seemed ripe for adventure. My friend Bernadette was riding the same wavelength and we decided that the now famous Bagby Hot Springs would be a fine destination.

not bagby.
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Redwood Fabulous

Back from a rough week in Fresno. Emptied an entire house into a dumpster. I was able to save a few memories and am contemplating starting a reoccurring post in which I scan in some of the weird stuff I came across during the last days of 2107. I was also able to grab (and transport back to PDX) the two things I wanted most from that house:

avenue of the giants
A painting my maternal grandmother (who died before I was born) made of The Avenue of the Giants.


A beige and orange bench from the old Hollywood Lanes which is surely worth more than the $40 I paid for it thanks to The Big Lebowski's growing cult status over the years.

forever young

once every four years i get to wish my friend karilyn a very, very, very happy birthday and i am excited to finally have the opportunity to do it again. it will be hard to top the last one in which my band, panty lions, performed one of my favorite shows ever complete with accompaniment from members of the jim yoshii pile-up (on exercise bikes), fivehead (providing interpretive dance), citizens here and abroad (adding pint glass and tabletop percussions), film school (contributing utter wastedness) and geez, who else?!? hilarious times, i tell you, hilarious times.

karilyn is in india (or is it dubai, now?) so i thought i would search the internet for a little nugget of something to send her way and look what just got posted today? a sleeping states daytrotter session that we recorded back in september!

i dedicate every flubbed note and wonky chord change to my dear friend karilyn on her 8th birthday!!!