June 8th, 2007


if you need to jot 84 things down...

back in the land of ports. finally able to breathe again. i will say this however, i fell in love with nyc in ways that i never thought imaginable. there are probably plenty of reasons for this but sitting here now, with the birds chirping and all the trees blowing in the breeze, it seems so far removed from over there and jetting between the two is so much heavier than jetting between that place and l.a.

i feel like i am like seven posts behind so expect some catching up and some pictures from my new little elph over the next little while. in the meantime, some more favorite things from the last half:

the bookstore at ps1 in queens - about ten square feet of the best books ever (including mine! the first book you see as you walk thru the door!!!)

finally eating at dumont's in williamsburg - delicious mac and flank. not together. rushed but worth it.

the swans in prospect park.

always following water. and sunsets.

the gowanus canal - find me an affordable place on this waterway and i will be there in a saint's whisper.

little tiny presents.

elliott smith's new moon - my friend portia runs kill rock stars now and hooked a brother up with a sort of soundtrack. i can listen again and i felt a little like i was in elliott's brooklyn. except in the liners it mentions that he would walk from manhattan to brooklyn thru the subway tunnels which i am way too chicken to ever attempt.

unless you wanted to.