February 29th, 2008


forever young

once every four years i get to wish my friend karilyn a very, very, very happy birthday and i am excited to finally have the opportunity to do it again. it will be hard to top the last one in which my band, panty lions, performed one of my favorite shows ever complete with accompaniment from members of the jim yoshii pile-up (on exercise bikes), fivehead (providing interpretive dance), citizens here and abroad (adding pint glass and tabletop percussions), film school (contributing utter wastedness) and geez, who else?!? hilarious times, i tell you, hilarious times.

karilyn is in india (or is it dubai, now?) so i thought i would search the internet for a little nugget of something to send her way and look what just got posted today? a sleeping states daytrotter session that we recorded back in september!

i dedicate every flubbed note and wonky chord change to my dear friend karilyn on her 8th birthday!!!