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fuck, kill or marry [Jun. 4th, 2007|12:07 pm]
it's pouring out and has been for some time so i thought i ought to send a howdy to my friends who read this and let loose a loose update.

i am currently in nyc, at my friend neighbor dan's beautiful brownstone in park slope. he and his are in ireland at the moment so i have free run of the place. sadly, the weather isn't allowing for proper use of their beautiful backyard, but still, it is cozy here and i am liking this city very much. here are some reasons why:

red bamboo in ft. greene - amazing vegan with the ex. pdx needs one of these.

spuyten duyvel in williamsburg - passed this place a million times before but never realized they have a lush backyard which compliments their big glasses of wine nicely.

animal collective on the harbor - kind of boring and they didn't play any of the hits i was hoping for but i have wanted to see them for so long, i kind of didn't care.

my friend jonny fenix's art show - a good reminder that pdx peeps are the sweetest.

i invented a new word - pharm-a-que.

freeman's alley - i'd tell you how to find it but i forget. the harder to find, the more delicious the food.

hanging out with tranny dealers in thompkins square park - i bought a digital camera so i have pictures to prove it when i get home.

shooting my mouth off - some douchy guys were laughing at an indian man who was being put into an ambulance. i overheard one of them say, "babaloo is baba-out!" so i replied, "baba-you is baba-stupid." why weren't any of you there?

anyway, there is lots more. LOTS. the book launch was quite fun, if a little stressful, and i got to shoot shucks with michel gondry for some time, so i'd say that it was a success. my publisher took me around to a bunch of bookstores in manhattan to sign books and everywhere we went the books were out on that one island i always walk to first. it was pretty breathtaking. at one place it was placed between david lynch and raymond pettibone. hot dang. i think it's probably available everywhere now so feel free to find it in your town. if you can't find it, let me know and i will make sure heads roll.

back to wagon and the house of broken hearts thursday. xo.

[User Picture]From: buildingoodbye
2007-06-05 04:36 pm (UTC)
that does sound like success! i want to talk to michel gondry. i bet he and i would get along famously. soul sisters we'd be. soeurs de l'ésprit. oui. ah oui.

this past weekend niilo was on the sofa reading the most current fader magazine issue and who would be gracing its book review leaves? why, 'twas you! i wish i had the article here at work. i would scan it and show it.

i miss you. we'll see you sometimes soon. we will squeeze ourselves in to your schedule just right. you won't even notice but will only think, "gosh these have been nice days" and then as you depart once more for fancy hoo-hah no. 92 you will look over your shoulder and catch a glimpse of two extra dents on your pillow. it was us.
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[User Picture]From: ashod
2007-06-05 11:18 pm (UTC)
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