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hot bottoms [Nov. 4th, 2007|11:21 pm]
i am posting this hot on the heels of the last cuz it's on my mind and i'm afraid this week will get away from me before i can send you these goodies.

on tour, my pal chuck in austin hooked us up with a handful of cdrs which featured various episodes of this american life. i was no stranger, but out on those open roads, and after hours and hours of listening to indierock in the van, they sure hit the spot. i'm pretty addicted and you should be, too. this is one of my favorites:

BREAK-UPS. (link stolen from the yellow stereo)

isn't the girl from the phil collins segment pretty much the cutest thing ever? i did some stalking and found this other great little project of hers:


mike burnett, if you're reading, you gotta check that one out.

other episodes of t.a.l. can be gotten at www.thisamericanlife.org and erin just bought me season one of the tv show (which i didn't even know existed!) on itunes. i also didn't know you could buy itunes presents for people. that's a neat little thing!

furthermore! n.p.r., home of t.a.l., just launched a pretty badass music site. my two favorite things so far are:

carrie brownstein's blog, in which she tries to figure out what kind of music creepy people who carry cats/parrots/lizards on their shoulders listen to.


project song, in which an artist (in this case, stephin merritt of the magnetic fields) has two days to write and record a song based on an image and a phrase provided. pretty neat stuff.

anyhoo...i hope your week is real boring so that you can check all this stuff out.