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forever young [Feb. 29th, 2008|09:38 am]
once every four years i get to wish my friend karilyn a very, very, very happy birthday and i am excited to finally have the opportunity to do it again. it will be hard to top the last one in which my band, panty lions, performed one of my favorite shows ever complete with accompaniment from members of the jim yoshii pile-up (on exercise bikes), fivehead (providing interpretive dance), citizens here and abroad (adding pint glass and tabletop percussions), film school (contributing utter wastedness) and geez, who else?!? hilarious times, i tell you, hilarious times.

karilyn is in india (or is it dubai, now?) so i thought i would search the internet for a little nugget of something to send her way and look what just got posted today? a sleeping states daytrotter session that we recorded back in september!

i dedicate every flubbed note and wonky chord change to my dear friend karilyn on her 8th birthday!!!

[User Picture]From: slaint
2008-03-01 09:16 am (UTC)
ah thank you ashod!!! Yes, I don't think I will ever have such an amazing birthday again. Paul was feeling very stressed out about trying to find something that would even come close to my last real birthday. He says he'll have to try to start planning for my '10th' which will also be my 40th! Maybe we'll have to have a reunion show then :)

and yeah.. still in India.

i didn't get to see great friends play for me, but I did get to see live music amazingly (which is not so common here)! We saw an Austrian band called Bauchlang who perform with no instruments at all. It was amazing to see live. And I got gifted a trip to Cuba which I will cash in on in April! so i can't complain.

btw.. my really good friend here is from Portland. Her and her fiance Michael moved here recently.. She thinks she might know you or at least friends of friends... she is a real estate agent there (or was) and really wants us to buy a house there for someday. don't want to post her name in public in case she doesn't want it, but will email you about her.

going to check out your link. lots of love to you. thanks for your post. and i'm patiently waiting for your 'friends' only posts. xxoo
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