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Boring bullets [Jun. 8th, 2008|07:38 pm]
Some things:

+ In the country again. Listening to Conway Twitty. Could somebody please make a Kanye Twitty mash-up already?

+ Two more good runs. One around Battle Ground Lake and another (highly recommended) three mile loop at Lewisville Park. I crack myself up.

+ Heckabummed I didn't have my camera on me as I passed a full-on Fantasy Battle replete with swords and shields and staffs and capes and fur and man, I could've been a youtube hero!

+ Hung out with one of my favorite artists/old-timey central valley friends on Friday. I had no idea he was responsible for my favorite anti-drug PSA ever. I also had no idea there were so many not so hilarious stoner spoofs of said spot.

+ I'm not sure why, but I feel like I need some dub in my life. Like real heavy, mind-altering dub. Surely someone can't point me in the right direction. Lee Perry? Is that the way to go? Which album? Help a brah.

+ I've been reluctant to say anything because weeks after finding out I am still in shock, but I guess PSOI is opening for Wire in Calgary in a couple of weeks. This is BY FAR the most exciting supporting slot of my musical career. And to top it off, I think we may be trying to pull off some Broken School of Social Industry the following night. Should be pretty stupid.

+ Speaking of stupid: Weather.